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Traveler (TV series)

Traveler is a short-lived American drama-thriller television series that ran from May 10, 2007 until July 18, 2007 on ABC in the United States. The series was produced by Warner Bros. Television.

Traveler was officially cancelled after eight first-run episodes on July 18, 2007. Fans then tried to save the show but were unsuccessful. David DiGilio, the creator, posted an "answers blog"[1] on September 28, 2007, which officially ended the show.

Plot synopsis

The series follows Jay Burchell and Tyler Fog, two graduate students who become suspects when the fictitious Drexler Museum in New York is bombed while they are pulling a juvenile prank. Jay is a graduate of Yale Law School, while Tyler is a graduate of the Yale School of Management. It appears that their friend, Will Traveler (aka Daniel Taft), set them up to look like the terrorists who did the bombing. After the bombing, Traveler disappears and there is no evidence that he ever existed

Jay and Tyler flee from the FBI, which believes them to be domestic terrorists. They turn to Tyler's father, Carlton, but he tells them to flee. Out on their own, Jay and Tyler delve into Will Traveler's past in hopes to uncover Will's motives for turning on his friends and hopefully clear their name.

At the same time, Traveler, alive and well, goes on a similar search for answers. It is revealed that he is in fact a secret agent working for a division of the Department of Homeland Security called the Fourth Branch, and slowly a conspiracy is unravelled

Jay and Tyler reunite with Will by the seventh episode, and together the three attempt to bring those responsible to justice. They manage to kidnap Jack Freed, director of the Fourth Branch, but before they can use him to clear Jay and Tyler's names, the limousine with Jack Freed in it explodes.

Cast and characters

The main cast of Traveler. From left to right: Logan Marshall-Green, Aaron Stanford and Matthew Bomer.

Traveler primarily focuses on the efforts of Jay Burchell (Matthew Bomer) and Tyler Fog (Logan Marshall-Green), two college graduates who must prove their innocence after being framed for the bombing of a museum by their former roommate Will Traveler (Aaron Stanford). The two must evade the FBI, led by Special Agent in Charge Fred Chambers (Steven Culp). Special Agents Jan Marlow (Viola Davis) and Guillermo Borjes (Anthony Ruivivar) actively hunt the two, although Marlow questions the duo's purported guilt.

Over the course of the show, Jay and Tyler uncover a conspiracy that involves Jack Freed (Neal McDonough) of Department of Homeland Security and even Carlton Fog (William Sadler), Tyler's father and a very successful businessman. Occasionally assisting Tyler and Jay is a mysterious man dubbed the Porter (Billy Mayo). Meanwhile, Kim Doherty (Pascale Hutton), Jay's girlfriend, must cope with harassment from both the FBI and the public.

At the end of the third episode "New Haven", Will Traveler is revealed to be alive. Appearing as his girlfriend Maya is Sonja Bennett

Traveler Complete Season[130MB]

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Jay and Tyler find themselves hunted by the FBI after a bombing of a museum.
Their only lead is their best friend, Will Traveler, who disappeared after
the bombing and is not in any record - anywhere. They need to find him and
figure out what part he played in a spiraling nightmare of violence, death
and conspiracies.
Who is really Will Traveler?

S01E02-The Retreat
S01E03-New Haven
S01E04-The Out
S01E05-The Tells
S01E06-The Trader
S01E07-The Reunion
S01E08-The Exchange